The Drive for 5

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Education is a human right, essential for development and peace. However, there is a global learning crisis and in particular amongst adolescent girls. Guaranteeing adolescent girls a complete education is the catalyst for achieving gender equality, creating lasting peace and generating sustainable development.

Ireland hosted an event at the United Nations in February focussing on girl’s education. For the event, Our team created a brand identity and video within a four week period. Our video was the focal point of that event in New York and was supported by Bono and Mary Robinson who featured in the video along with Amina Jane Mohammed, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.

''The Drive For Five event on Feb 11th could not have gone better. Feedback from our high level participants – the UN Secretary General, the Head of UN Women, the CEO of the Global Partnership for Education, former President Robinson, Bono, Ambassador Byrne Nason -  was extremely positive. Many remarked that it was the best event they had participated in! It was a hugely uplifting afternoon for us all, and especially for the youth activists and representatives of adolescent girls who formed such a powerful part of the event. 

The video was a huge part of the success of the event on the day. Thanks again to you and the entire team for the mammoth effort put in to make it such an impactful watch. Mary Robinson was particularly complimentary – she told me it was possibly her favourite video to have participated in and she (and her husband Nick) were very impressed by the professionalism of all involved in the shoot.” - Sharon Lennon, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade