Secure Your Success with Chartered Accountants Ireland

Chartered Accountants Ireland

Secure Your Success

Winning the position as lead creative agency for Chartered Accountants Ireland in 2018 was a proud day for all our team. We were asked to create a campaign and strategy for one of the services Chartered Accountants Ireland offers people already working in business. This is known as the Flexible Route. We considered all the other ways to qualify and this helped inform our overarching brand thought. 

Our first step was to tap into the minds of those who are interested in a career change. Those who always wanted to be an accountant but never took the leap of faith. Being a Chartered Accountant is like wearing a badge of honour for those who have qualified and traditionally there was only one way to achieve this. 

We found through the information available that people were nervous about change and if it was the 'right thing to do'. With the Flexible route the focus was to assure people who wish to adjust their career that they can do so without having to leave their job. 

'Secure Your Success' was the overarching positioning and under pinned all our communication. This was a fully integrated campaign with video, radio print, digital assets and social media support.