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KCAST is a brand-new series of Podcasts produced here in KICK that explore ‘the new, the innovative and the talked-about’.

In each episode, we explore the trends, news and topics that are informing and shaping peoples’ views. 

We meet key individuals and reveal insights that are invaluable for anyone in Irish business, marketing or communications. Click the links below.

Season 1 Episode 4
Craig Minassian Clinton Foundation Chief Information and Marketing Officer

#004 Respect and understand your audience

With the US Election looming on November 3rd, on episode 4 we meet Chief Communication and Marketing officer Craig Minassian. Minassian’s career has included being assistant press secretary and director of television news in the White House for President Clinton. Minassian talks frankly about the role of communications in this extraordinary election and how media is shaping voter’s views in the US. He delivers insight sand analysis of the US relationship with Ireland, and how Bill Clinton’s communications skills were a key driver in the talks that led to the Good Friday Agreement. It’s a unique look at Irish-US relations and the US election through a marketing a media and communications lens.
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Season 1 Episode 3
Rory McInerney and Ciaran Ruddock Founders of FFS Gyms

#003 Take ownership of your life

In the new episode of KCAST we discuss health, wellness and start-up success with the Rory McInerney and Ciaran Ruddock, the founders of Ireland’s most talked-about gyms, FFS Gyms. They reveal the opportunities they saw in Los Angeles and how attitudes in Ireland were changing towards health and exercise, creating the perfect opportunity for their fledgeling business idea. Don’t miss episode three of KCAST, available on iTunes, at the Play Store and at WeKick.ie
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Season 1 Episode 2
Tom Kinsella Head of Homes AIB Group

#002 Innovate or die

Meet one of Ireland's most successful marketeers, Tom Kinsella. After a stellar career with Diageo, Tom moved to the financial sector, joining AIB as Chief Marketing Officer where he now holds the key role of Head of Homes. We discuss the rise and rise of artificial intelligence and how mind boggling, peoples’ online activity may affect their credit rating. We explore the importance of making customer-centric banking and Tom speaks frankly about the reality for Irish businesses in the time of COVID.
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Season 1 Episode 1
Neil McKenna Kick Managing Director

#001 What lies ahead?

KICK founder and CEO Neil McKenna looks at post-lockdown opportunities in Ireland - the rise of social, the demise of influencers, how creativity and business best coexist and the agency models that are fit for purpose in this new era for Irish business.
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