A feel good KICK

In times of challenge, people have always shown how resilient they can be. In times of hardship, kindness and selflessness can become more apparent. More than ever, we all need good news and want to feel good. 

We want to celebrate the power of people for showing immense creativity, innovation, kindness, resilience, support and positivity in times when we all need it most. Our goal is to share with you the incredible stories of people who are finding their voices and their determination, adding a feel-good factor to others’ lives.  

Throughout this current situation, we want to acknowledge the serious efforts people are making and to celebrate the real, human, value of what it is, they are doing. We will post these stories on our social channels using #afeelgoodkick.  

 Join us in celebrating the power of people using #afeelgoodkick and help us spread some good news.